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Since 1971, Metal Mechanics has helped over 220 metal casters improve efficiency with high-speed, reliable and industry proven metal alloy trimming presses. Whatever you need, we can provide it, with systems that can trim, dump scrap and unload good parts. Call us today and see how Metal Mechanics can save you money and increase your efficiency. Also offering complete rebuilding.

Energy Saving

Save energy and money

Variable Frequency drive has ramped motor off between trim cycles, reducing energy demands

76% kilowatt hour savings in automated cell running 30-second cycles

Savings can reach 52% when operators run as fast as 4 cycles per minute

Wear and tear reduced on motor and pump because motor is ramped off between trim cycles

Reduces noise between trim cycles. Less noise can reduce operator fatigue

Reduces maintenance costs. Less wear and tear means less time maintaining pumps, motors & filter elements

Also reduces maintenance purchases because fluid only circulates when trimming. This also reduces frequency of return filter and pump cartridge replacement part purchases

Reduces heat build-up by ramping motor off when not trimming, thereby easing water cooling tower loads

Drastically reduces employee exposure to crush hazards of loading and unloading trim presses because motor is ramped off when not actively trimming casings

Reliable and proven technology interfaced to save energy and reduces costs

Qualifies for energy credits

Retrofittable to all Metal Mechanics presses built since 1971


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