Standard Features

  • TEFC Motor 230/460v
  • Manifold Mounted Valves or Cartridge Valve Manifold
  • NFPA Cylinder
  • T-Slots or Holes in Platens
  • Hydraulic Counterbalance Valve
  • Dual Channel Monitored Emergency Stop Circuit
  • Dual Channel Monitored Two Hand Banner Opto Touch Buttons
  • Anti-Tie-Down, Anti-Repeat Circuit
  • Hinged Perimeter Guards with Dual Channel Monitored Electrical Interlocks
  • Allen-Bradley Programmable Controller
  • Oil Cooler
  • Top Hydraulics
  • Hardened and Chrome Plated Tie-Bars
  • 2D Model, 3D Model, and Electronic Manual on USB Flash Drive

Standard Options

  • Light Curtain with OSHA Required Machine Stop Time Report. Popular Brands: Keyence, Banner, Allen Bradley, Leuze Electronics
  • Auto Tie Bar Lube System
  • DJI_0116   508 Cerified Industrial Control Panel
  • Energy on Demand, Electricity Saving Circuit with Allen-Bradley Variable Frequency Drive for 240/480 Volt Service
  • Air Blast Valve with Timer
  • Reservoir for Added Air Blast Volume 15, 20, or 30 gallon
  • Electric Cycle Counter
  • Hot Oil/Low Oil Level
  • Oil Cooler
  • Various Protocols for robot communication


Also Custom Platen and Tonnage Sizes Made to Order According to Your Needs

Metal Mechanics Announces Automated Rollover-Bed Trim Presses
Performs Part-Load, Unload, Trim, and Scrap-Dump in One Move

With a focus on producing lean and green press systems, Metal Mechanics, Inc. (Schoolcraft, Mich.) has announced the availability of its automated trim presses, which integrate a robot load station, trim station, part unload mechanism and scrap dump station into one modular unit. As the press comes down to cut the metal in the trim station, a previously trimmed part is unloaded, a new casting is loaded, and the scrap is dumped -- each and every cycle -- helping to maximize production potential.

The unit is based upon a shuttle process that rolls under the press while the robot loads the metal casting. The part then gets trimmed and the shuttle moves away from the press to dump the scrap into a conveying unit. Because the design relies upon a lean modular concept, the automated rollover unit can be adjusted for different size scrap and integrated into any size Metal Mechanics trim press. Additionally, housekeeping issues are reduced as are costs related to manual scrap handling and removal, since the unit quickly evacuates scrap and flash away from the casting trimming process.

“Removing scrap material from any metal cutting or forming process can slow down production,” says Metal Mechanics President Tom Dailey. “Yet, machine builders tend to focus machine design on the process that affects the finished product, not one that looks at the removal of scrap. We want to conserve motion and energy as much as possible by this design.”

Metal Mechanics, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of both vertical and horizontal trim presses for the die cast industry, serving over 250 die casters since 1971. It has been family-owned and run since 1974.

Metal Mechanics’ automated rollover bed trim presses cut the metal in the trim station, unload a previously trimmed part, load a new casting and dump the scrap all at the same time, helping to maximize production potential.