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For over 40 years Metal Mechanics has specialized in trim presses for the metal casting industry. Our experience and depth of knowledge gives us the versatility and ability to provide presses for nearly every application. Our trim presses can be integrated into automated robotic load cells or stand alone for operator loading. In addition, secondary scrap dumping and good part unload mechanisms can be provided with the press, as well as either attached or freestanding electrical control panels.

Whether for new or existing cell configurations, and designed to fit virtually any needed tonnage, platen size and speed, Metal Mechanics can provide the right trim press for your needs. With our optional “Energy on Demand” feature, our customers have received the added benefits of using less energy and performing less maintenance. This translates to cost savings and that means added profit to your bottom line.

At the assembly stage, we make sure that the fabrications and components are working seamlessly together to achieve our customers’ desired results. With such heavy pieces of equipment, we know testing and retesting for optimal functionality is important, and a benchmark of quality that we adhere to. Our simple philosophy—if it isn’t built right, Metal Mechanics won’t send it out the door.

On site installation and ongoing technical support are also available from Metal Mechanics. After our rigorous testing, we can provide full installation at your location to ensure your investment is performing to your expectations. We can also provide turnkey solutions, including trim tools provided by our key partners in the manufacturing industry.

Our modern facility located in SW Michigan is staffed by dedicated craftsmen, and supported by experienced team leaders and quality technicians. We have the equipment and machinery needed to design, fabricate, assemble, and thoroughly test your press on our shop floor. We work with you to build exactly what you need, because at Metal Mechanics, our reputation is also built from the ground up, and based on a foundation of flexibility and customer service. Let our decades of experience provide you with just the right press to meet your needs.


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